“If you had enough money, how big a difference could you make?”
Making a Difference Starts With
Making a Profit



The Power Behind Profit…
….when a woman entrepreneur prioritizes profit in her business,
she creates the financial freedom in her life to serve the world.

Daphne helped me learn to really own my own value. My work with Daphne has been absolutely life-changing! Sarah Graves

Working with Daphne has been the best decision I could have made, for my business AND my life. Tamarra Protassow

Daphne is a gifted business coach who guided me to my personal path of clarity, confidence and cash. Toni Snyder

Are you ready to change the world? Our hope for the future lies with powerful women: women…who do what they fear instead of staying where it’s safe, women who are financially responsible and economically independent.


I’m Daphne Cohn. I’m an entrepreneur, mama, seeker, and creator of The Profit Cushion.


The Profit Cushion is about money: how to have it, grow it, and share it.


I know you’re not in this for the money. That it isn’t money that inspires you to do the work of your heart and soul.


But I also know that when we become as conscious with our money as we are with our life we can create tremendous change on the planet.


The 5 Days to Profit Challenge is the first step to having more money in your business so that you can create more change in the world.


We start with making a profit. No matter where you are in your business.


Because money isn’t everything but it is the bottom line.




Conscious Change Starts With Conscious Finances.
and conscious finances start with profit